Magnetic Printing

Yes, you did read that correctly

Ink technology has come a long way. Now we are able to utilise a special ink containing iron-oxide nanoparticles so that your printed designs can be turned into fully printed and versatile products. The unique ink is suitable for a variety of substrates that includes coated papers and some styrene and plastic based products. Combined with other printing techniques and finishes this really does open up a world of potential. Would a bespoke dry wipe board, with a key layout be useful for business planning meetings? Do you want some elements of this to be magnetic? We can do that. How about a paper book or catalogue where the user can interact and engage by attaching notes or bookmarks? We can do that too. Or a restaurant menu mounted on the wall that you can quickly add, remove and change specials on perhaps. Whatever your idea, we will work with you to find the best solution for your business.

Multiple Finishes Combined
Some of our favourite magnetic receptive paint examples are where we've screen printed over the top of an already printed job to add that extra special touch. It's great for creating an interactive device or promotion, and really does put the world of print in your customer's hands.
We can produce high-resolution magnetic panels directly from your artwork, or if you need a hand visualising this at the design stage, we have an expert design team ready to help.