Eco Printing

Discovering new ways to make a difference

As our ever-online, always connected world moves to become more ecologically aware, we know we must do everything to become a greener supplier to our customers. We are part of an industry that is constantly seeking new ways for companies to stand out through print. The industry also has some challenges to become more environmentally friendly, especially when it comes to the materials we use.

Here at Colour Display, we’re working hard to bring an eco friendly philosophy to every aspect of our business. We’re constantly looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly through researching and utilising innovative, reusable materials, inks and substrates.

Innovation is key
We're working with our colleagues and manufacturers across the print industry, to find new ways to make our business more eco friendly. In many cases there are renewable alternatives to our output and it often comes down to cost. So we're working hard to drive this cost down to make things more efficient both for us and our customers.
the benefit to you
With plastic waste so high on the agenda right now, and an environmentally friendly approach being embraced by all of us, it's important to consider the benefit that adopting an eco friendly alternative could give to your business, from posters and signs to packaging and point of sale.
The environmentally friendly option

Eco Printing Materials

Click below to discover the wide variety of different eco friendly materials we can print on, as well as their properties and advantages.

xanita board
Xanita Board

Also known as Ultraboard, Falcon Board, Dufaylite and Xanita Board.

  • Thicknesses available 10mm and 16mm
  • Suitable for short/medium term indoor POS, exhibition displays
  • 20% the weight of MDF and 80% of its strength
  • Suitable for double sided printing
  • 100% recyclable
  • Edges can be edge banded
Display Board

Our Display board is a double coated board, made from 100% virgin fibres.

  • Thicknesses available from 1mm to 2.5mm
  • Suitable for short term indoor POS
  • Cost effective
  • Suitable for double sided printing
  • 100% recyclable
polyline foam board
  • Thicknesses available include 1.8mm, 2.5mm and 3.5mm
  • PVC free
  • Medium term usage
  • Much stronger and more rigid than Foam PVC (Foamex)
  • 100% recyclable
  • B1 Fire Certification
  • Totally Opaque, Hi Impact & Scratch Resistant
Recyclable Plastics

There are a variety of these materials on the market and due to our close relationship with all the leading suppliers, we’re best placed to advise on what is the most suitable for your project.

  • Thicknesses available 10mm and 16mm
  • Suitable for short/medium term indoor POS, exhibition displays
  • Suitable for double sided printing
  • 100% recyclable
polypropylene board
  • Thicknesses available from 220micron to 1100micron
  • Suitable for indoor POS
  • Available in a range of colours and in clear
  • 100% recyclable in No.5 waste channel
  • Suitable for single or double sided printing

Correx® is a leading brand name of fluted polypropylene board. It is  ideal for temporary signs or quick street advertising campaigns and offers the best balance of value for money whilst being more environmentally friendly than some cheaper materials.

  • Thicknesses available from 3.5mm to 5mm
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor POS
  • Available in a range of colours and
  • 100% recyclable in No.5 waste channel
  • Suitable for single or double sided printing
correx board

Dispa is a new paper board that lends itself perfectly to short term promotional campaigns. Not only does it offer a fantastic printing surface and a strong rigid material, it’s unique patented, internal embossed structure allows it to be formed from 100% paper, thus making it 100% renewable.

  • Lightweight – easy to work with and to hang
  • Glossy, bright white and smooth – graphics look amazing
  • Strong, rigid and stable – signs start flat and stay flat
  • Made of 100% paper – 100% recyclable
  • FSC® Accredited
dispa board
bubble board
Bubble Board

Similar to Correx in that it uses 2 flat surfaces with a unique core. In this case the core is formed of bubbles that make for a lighter material whilst maintaining overall strength and rigidity.

  • Lightweight, extremely strong and rigid with a cellular bubble structure
  • Printed full colour direct to board with UV inks giving outstanding quality and long-lasting fade resistance
  • 100% recyclable product

Our Eco Objectives

We pride our company as being at the forefront of eco printing alternatives. Therefore, we have set ourselves some key objectives to not only expand our eco options, but to also reduce the amount of waste that we as a company produce. This covers everything from less plastic bottles on desks all the way through to how we package and transport your finished product. We’re just at the start of this journey, but will be encouraging all our customers to do the same.

Target output to be recyclable by 2025
Reduce overall company waste by 50%
Offer a renewable version of all of our products by 2025